Through Citizen Action (CA) small grants program, we  support and encourage civic engagement and activism in community problem-solving, and decision-making processes.

With support of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, fAKT Citizen Action program started in November 2008. By making small grants to community based groups and organizations which are normally out of the sights of larger institutional donors, we allow funding to get much closer to the ground and to the people who best know how to address their needs.

Within this program are supported projects of local NGOs and non formal groups of citizens, who in the process of planning and implementation of activities actively involve all relevant stakeholders in the community, and addressing variety of issues, such as:

  • encourage community development,
  • improve the quality of life in the community, and bring positive changes
  • encourage voluntary participation and engagement
  • contribute to strengthening the role of citizens.

The maximum grant amount is € 4.000.

This program does not limit in the choice of topics. We believe that the local civic society organizations are most competent to define priorities which are common concern / need of citizens in the community. Therefore, we want to encourage them to identify and propose local solutions to problems, solutions that have the potential to bring benefits to wider community.
In total 82 projects were funded through Civic Action program. Total amount of support is €260,000 . Donors: Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Balkan Trust for Democracy, US Embassy.