De Facto EQUAL (Project fact sheet)

De Facto EQUAL (Project fact sheet)


Start date: 18th November 2013
Duration: 14 Months
Total cost: 170.705 €
Total EU Funding: 150.000 €

Overall objective of the Project is strengthening the role of civil society in promoting human rights and democratic reform with emphasis on underrepresented groups interests in Montenegro.

Specific objective is enhancing political representation and participation of underrepresented groups (such as women, young people, minorities, persons with disabilities…), as well as enhancing responsiveness and accountability of CSOs, local and national authorities toward these groups.

Key components are as follows:

• CSOs capacity development through technical support – training on organizational development, fundraising, advocacy and service provision for 40-50 CSOs, mentorship and advisory support;

• Financial support for CSOs through grant program (110.000 EUR to 11-22 CSOs from Montenegro for advocacy actions and service provision in favor of underrepresented groups in Montenegro)

Project description: The Project consists of two types of activities– re-granting and training:

a. Support to organizational development and sustainability of CSOs social service providers (through trainings) – 40-50 CSOs will receive trainings on public advocacy and policy development, fundraising from local sources including corporate sector and corporate social responsibility, CSOs service provision development, development of networks and coalitions, as well as different areas of organizational development.

b. Support to advocacy initiatives that give voice to underrepresented groups and support to CSOs social services providers in areas of improvement of services quality and advocating for improvement of legal environment for their work (through re-granting),Grant program in amount of 5,000 – 10,000 € per each CSO for development of their services. Total for grants will be committed € 110,000. This will mean support 11-22 CSOs in total.

CSOs that receive sub-grant will have consultation support of fAKT throughout their project implementation.

Expected results:
1. Initiated 11-22 new advocacy initiatives and/or services focused on needs of different underrepresented groups in Montenegro,
2. Organizational growth, capacity building and service provision quality increase in 40-50 CSOs,
3. Improvement of legal environment for participation of underrepresented groups and respective CSOs in political decision making processes on local and national level.
4. Members of underrepresented groups become part of local political decision making bodies in Montenegro.

Target group:
1. 11-22 CSOs recipients of sub-grants (5-10.000 EUR), 40-50 small sized CSOs participants of trainings, Representatives of national and 11-22 local authorities in Montenegro
2. 40-50 trained CSOs; local authorities that will receive new partners and service providers in local CSOs.

Project justification:
This Project would also have indirect and long-term impact on many stakeholders:
1. Civil sector in Montenegro, as beneficiaries and target groups of 40-50 trained CSOs and 11-22 projects financed
2. Local authorities that will receive new partners and service providers in local CSOs and other non-profit service providers in Montenegro.