DeFacto Stronger

DeFacto Stronger

fAKT have continued developing grantmaking programs and introducing separate, thematic (sub)programs, diversifying program themes.  We secured regranting funds from The Delegation of EU to Montenegro in the amount of € 100,000 within a one-year project entitled De facto stronger, which ended in November 2012.

Through Civil Society Development IPA 2009 National Program for Montenegro, financed by European Union, in October 2011 fAKT launched De facto stronger program, ensuring continuation of support to social services provision by CSOs. Overall objective of the program was to improve the sustainability of CSOs and the quality and quantity of their social services in Montenegro, while its specific objective was to support CSOs with annual turnover lower than EUR 10.000, to develop and/or promote introduction/development of social services in CSOs work – through trainings, mentorship, publications and grant program.

The Project De facto stonger consisted of three components:

Component 1.     Capacity building of Montenegrin CSOs for developing sustainable organizations and long-term service providers:
Subcomponent 1.1: Trainings
Subcomponent 1.2: Mentorship

Component 2.     Capacity building of Montenegrin CSO community for organizational management and sustainable social services development
Subcomponent 2: Manual for running CSOs
Subcomponent 2.2: TV documentary

Component 3.    Grant program: 4-8.000 EUR for development of CSOs social service providers

Seventeen CSOs from throughout Montenegro were awarded grants to introduce, develop or promote social services provision, with total amount awarded being €100,025. Total value of the project was € 166,218: EU contribution being 145,000 EUR, while co-funding was secured from the SKAN CNF CEE foundation.

Supported CSOs addressed number of issues through their projects: from the social care for elderly, single mothers, persons with disabilities, people living in underdeveloped rural areas, children living in poverty/from socially disadvantaged families, to building their own organizational capacities for service delivery and social entrepreneurship.