De Facto Development: Support to CSOs Growth and Leadership

De Facto Development: Support to CSOs Growth and Leadership

Overall objective of the project is to build capacities of local CSOs in Montenegro to be professional, effective, accountable and sustainable independent actors in Montenegro. 

Specific objectives of the project:

  • To empower and develop capacities of 12 medium sized CSOs to increase their capacities to be active, well-established, and credible participants of local and national decision making processes.
  • To empower small sized local CSOs to develop their capacities needed for their next step in organizational growth and development.
  • To contribute to capacity development of new and young civil society leaders in order to become credible, legitimate and independent advocate for citizens and CSOs’ needs.

The Project consists of three components:

1. Support to growth of emerging medium sized CSOs in Montenegro (two rounds of four-day intensive trainings for representatives of 12 medium sized CSOs

  • Sub-granted actions of 8 medium sized CSOs
  • Four regional networking meetings of CSOs (40 CSOs will participate in the meetings)

2. Support to growth of small sized local CSOs in Montenegro (sub-granting program supporting 11-16 small sized CSOs with 5.000-7.000 EUR grant (total 80.000 for this sub-granting program). Mentoring for 11-16 small sized CSOs

3. Support to growth and development of civil society leaders (creation and work of Emerging civil society leaders forum (ECSLF) and two projects/actions that the Forum will implement with support of fAKT. Each of the project/action could be budgeted with up to 10.000 EUR


Start date: 15th September 2017
End date: 15th September 2020
EU contribution: 300,000 EUR

The project is funded by Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, through IPA 2016 CSF