List of grants – 2015

List of grants – 2015






De facto Strong 2015 Association of parents of disabled children “Snail shell” Budva € 6.272,00 Enhancing of service provision for disabled children in Budva through capacity strengthening of organization and its memberships.
De facto Strong 2015 Youth Club Niksic € 7.088,00 Capacity strengthening of Youth Club through trainings, networking and promotion of youth activists occupation standards in Niksic.
De facto Strong 2015 Citizen initiatives of youth Rozaje € 5.025,00 Development of Local Action Plan for Youth in Rozaje.
De facto Strong 2015 North land Berane € 6.000,00 Quality improvement of environment in municipalities of north part of Montenegro through capacity strengthening of organizations that acts within environmental issues.
De facto Strong 2015 Paradox Pljevlja € 5.437,00 Environment protection through improvement of water quality of river Vezisnica and public advocacy actions in Pljevlja.
De facto Strong 2015 “Drumovanja” Niksic  € 7.005,00 Incitement of entrepreneurship among young people in Grahovo community through organizing of entrepreneurship school and education of youth how to write business plans.
De facto Strong 2015 Parental association of disabled children “Right for living” Ulcinj  € 5.000,00 More quality support for disabled children through promotion of available services for children with disabilities that are members of this association in Ulcinj.
De facto Strong 2015 Civic Creative Centre Cetinje  € 7.330,00 Promotion of youth policy in Cetinje, Kotor and Tivat, through capacity development and networking of formal/informal groups of youth.
De facto Strong 2015 Alternative theatre active company -ATAK Podgorica  € 5.352,00 Creative workshops for youth (age from 14 to 18 years) aiming to improve a couple of literary forms, which will result with the book of published essays.
De facto Strong 2015 “Morakovo” Niksic  € 6.565,00 Branding of agricultural products with tradition in quality from Zupa in Niksic.
De facto Strong 2015 Roma organization of youth „Phiren amenca” Podgorica  € 5.025,00 Awareness raising of Roma youth on higher education, human rights and citizen activism in Podgorica.
De facto Strong 2015 “Mestar & Furesta” Kotor  € 5.594,00 Creation of alternative and innovative activities for leisure time of children and youth in Kotor.
De facto Strong 2015 Single parents Podgorica  € 5.060,00 Enhancing of single parents position through development of long-term problem solving concerning to family of single parents.
De facto Strong 2015 KUD “Ozrinici” Niksic  € 6.540,00 Contribution to development and integration of local actions related to culture and youth through public advocacy, raising of institutional capacities and private-public partnership in Ozrinici community.
De facto Strong 2015 Youth Culture Centre Herceg Novi  € 8.650,00 Incitement of youth to creativeness, possible ways of quality spending of leisure time, altogether with engagement for creation of internet portals content and radio shows in Herceg Novi.
De facto Strong 2015 Our age Podgorica  € 5.042,00 Analysis of current Strategy of social protection development system for elderly (2013 – 2017) and documents on social services for this target group  in Montenegro.
De facto Strong 2015  „SVOJ“ (one’s) Podgorica  € 6.655,00 Introducing of Art-therapy and articulation of space of Public Institution “Kakaritska gora”(rehabilitation of drug addicts) through 12 referent spots which are symbols of twelve steps, well known method in treatment of drug addicts.
De facto Strong 2015 9.dec Danilovgrad  € 6.503,00 Capacity strengthening of NGO “9 December” through conducting an analysis and research on needs and issues of young people in Danilovgrad.
De facto Strong 2015 SOS phone-line for women and children victims of violence Bijelo Polje  € 5.830,00 Training of SOS phoneline members for  acting as a trustee and  drafting how to help victim, altogether with cooperation with institutions in the field of Interprofessional collaboration and acting in accordance with the Protocol in Bijelo Polje.
De facto Strong 2015 Our future Niksic  € 6.464,00 Advancing of realization and amendment of the Strategy for development of elementary education and strengthening of cooperation among organizations of civil society within the process of public advocacy.
De facto Strong 2015 Association for Development of Civil Society Bijelo Polje € 7.565,00 Networking with organization that deals with the same target group – Centre for Roma initiatives in Niksic, with the objective of more effective acting in problem solving of RAE population in Bijelo Polje.
Citizen Action 2015 Mountain Club “Visokogorci Montenegro” Podgorica € 2.640,00 Promotion of mountaineering among youth, students of primary and secondary schools in Podgorica, and motivation for healthy lifestyle and environmental protection.
Citizen Action 2015 Informal group of citizens “Krive Drine” Podgorica € 2.700,00 Revival of neglected parts of the green areas in Podgorica. The project is realized in five different city parks, followed with organization of different events (entertainment, sports activities, recreation, cultural and other events) to be organized in these areas.
Citizen Action 2015 Informal group of citizens „3L“ Niksic € 1.600,00 The aim of this project is to empower young people to actively participate in the decision making process through organizing workshops; public gatherings; formation of informal groups of young people focused on different areas of youth interest.
Citizen Action 2015 Cultural center PUNKT Niksic € 2.600,00 The idea of this project is restoration of vision of the city of Niksic as a city of great artists and great ideas, through organizing restoration of dilapidated prominent buildings and public areas in the center of the city.
Citizen Action 2015 Pro futuro Niksic € 3.000,00 Support to organization of the sixth Bedem fest in Niksic.
Citizen Action 2015 Active zone Cetinje € 3.000,00 Promotion of civic activism among youth. The project ”Recipe for activism” is a campaign that includes a series of specific actions (informative videos, website, social networks promotio, educational workshops, motivational meetings) and promotional campaigns on Internet in order to animate young people to be proactive and to participate in the decision making process.
Citizen Action 2015 Our action Kotor € 3.000,00 PARK(ing) Day is a annual open-source global event where citizens, artists and activists collaborate to temporarily transform metered parking spaces into “PARK(ing)” spaces: temporary public places.
Citizen Action 2015 Alfa Center Niksic € 2.000,00  Civic action to draw attention and raise awareness on traffic safety and responsibility of all parties involved.
Citizen Action 2015 Center for youth PULS Bar € 1.975,50 Use of art in preserving the environment, through youth activism and involvement of all members of the community. All art works are based on waste, through upcycling and decoupage techniques.
SIGN for Sustainability 2015 Civis Diversus Niksic €1.000 Technical grant for the purposes of starting fundraising campaigns
SIGN for Sustainability 2015 Active zone Cetinje €1.000 Technical grant for the purposes of starting fundraising campaigns
SIGN for Sustainability 2015 Association for Civil Society Development Bijelo Polje €1.000 Technical grant for the purposes of starting fundraising campaigns
SIGN for Sustainability 2015 Morakovo Niksic €1.000 Technical grant for the purposes of starting fundraising campaigns
SIGN for Sustainability 2015 Jonathan Livingston Cetinje €1.000 Technical grant for the purposes of starting fundraising campaigns
Youth Leadership = Active Citizenship 2015 Scout group Njegos Podgorica €2.500 The quality of leisure time of young people and organization of activities that will be seperated by the months of art, sport , month of science, the month of health and activities relating to the improvement of life in local communities.
Youth Leadership = Active Citizenship 2015 Non formal group Gradio Podgorica €2.500 Non-formal education for young people about the significant architectural buildings in Podgorica, as well as data collection about architectural monuments, with the aim of creating a database and the preservation of cultural heritage
Youth Leadership = Active Citizenship 2015 Non formal group of psychology students Niksic €2.000 Involving young people in community life and increase the level of awareness of the community of the importance of psychology, actual psychological topics, non-violent behavior, mental health etc…
Youth Leadership = Active Citizenship 2015 Brljok Podgorica €2.490 Promoting a culture of playing social games, organizing workshops to train young high school children about the concept of social games, ways of their creation.
Youth Leadership = Active Citizenship 2015 To vivify village Pljevlja €2.450 Organizing Multimedia Culture Festival for young people on a national level, and the opportunity for young people to affiramtion in the fields of literature, photography, painting, graffiti and creating short videos …
Green ideas 2015 NGO Eco Logic Podgorica €8.850 The third prize for the projects “Gardens of Ecologic” at the Regional forum for green ideas, organized in Kosovo by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.