Developing local philanthropy is seen as one of the key pillars of fAKT engagement, and our activities are focused on promoting and cultivating the idea and practice of different forms of philanthropy, developing CSOs capacity for mobilizing and using local resources and proactive involvement in creating more encouraging and enabling policy and institutional environment.

fAKT is taking proactive approach on developing local philanthropy by tailoring its activities to the local context and needs. fAKT organized a number of activities focused on philanthropy promotion and development.

In previous years of fAKT public engagement, primarily through promotion of philanthropy, helped fAKT to develop partnership with many important stakeholders for future philanthropy development and sustainability of civic sector, such as Chamber of Commerce, Center for Diaspora, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism …

Activities fAKT undertaken in developing local philanthropy have greatly contributed to raising our profile and public recognition. We made our first proactive steps in 2009 by the publication and promotion of the study on history and tradition of philanthropy in Montenegro, entitled “Examples of Philanthropy in Montenegro by the End of XX Century”. The study was published in Montenegrin and Albanian, and widely distributed.

In 2009 was also introduced ISKRA Philanthropy Excellence Award, in partnership with the Montenegro Chamber of Commerce and Government Office for Sustainable Development, Centre for Diaspora. On a ceremony held at the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom” in Cetinje, in December, fourth year in succession fAKT allocated the annual award for philanthropy “Iskra” to individuals and corporate with the best philanthropic practices.

The aim of this award is to recognize and publicly highlight companies and individuals who give an example to others and set standards that should be aimed at when it comes to investing in the common good.

At the beginning of 2010, it was organized a successful round table on Corporate Philanthropy in Montenegro which proved that there is interest of significant number of companies to develop partnership with civic sector and that corporate giving and investing into the community is not something new to most of them.

In 2010 regional conference on the Role of media in philanthropy development gathered the most important media stakeholders from the region and gave important guidelines for future activities in this field.

Already established partnership with the Center for Diaspora (under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) resulted in a broad fundraising action among Montenegrin Diaspora in 2012.

Increased visibility and reputation of fAKT also resulted in increase of corporate donations for ISKRA Award ceremony. Beside the Foundation “Cano Koprivica” (which is our strategic partner), fAKT received both donations and in-kind support from SIEMENS Podgorica; Montenegro Chamber of Commerce; Royal Theatre “Zetski dom”; TAKT company…

In November and December 2012, public opinion poll on citizen attitudes towards philanthropy was conducted, on a representative sample of 1000 citizens (face-to-face) by De Facto Consultancy agency. Its first results are quite encouraging, and more positive than we expected they would be – primarily regarding citizens attitudes towards giving in future: there is a lot of potential for philanthropy development in Montenegro