DeFacto Stronger

DeFacto Stronger

de-facto-baner“DE FACTO STRONGER” Project fact sheet

Start date: 10 October 2011
Duration: 12 Months
Total cost: 166. 218 €
Total EU Funding: 145. 000 €

Overall objective of the Project is to improve the sustainability of CSOs and the quality and quantity of their social services in Montenegro.

Specific objective is to support CSOs in Montenegro, in order to develop and/or promote introduction and development of social services in CSOs work in Montenegro. Key components are as follows:
• CSOs capacity development through technical support – training, mentorship and advisory support;
• Financial support for CSOs through grant program.

Project description: The Project consists of three components:

Component 1: Capacity building of Montenegrin CSOs for developing sustainable organizations and long-term service providers:
Subcomponent 1.1 Trainings (3 Modules covering: strategic planning and organizational development, development of social services within CSOs, project writing and organizational management and fundraising/cooperating with business sector).
Subcomponent 1.2 Mentorship (provided to grantees in this program on how to implement skills and knowledge from trainings to their organizations).

Component 2. Capacity building of Montenegrin CSO community for organizational management and sustainable social services development:
Subcomponent 2.1 Handbook for small sized CSOs on how to work on organizational development.
Subcomponent 2.2 TV documentary (broadcasted on 2 national and several local TV stations on success stories of Montenegrin CSOs that provide social services).

Component 3. Grant program in amount of 4,000 – 8,000 € per each CSO for development of their social services.
Total for grants will be committed € 100,000.

Expected results:
1. Increased capacities of 30 CSOs from Montenegro for organizational and strategic management as well as introduction of social services provision in their short and long term organizational development goals
2. Increased level of information, skills and knowledge about organizational and strategic management, as well as potential for building (social) services within entire CSO sector in Montenegro
3. Increased number of CSOs that provide social services to vulnerable groups in Montenegro

Target group:
1. 30 CSOs, with annual income lower than 10,000.00 €, that already provide social services or their mission is connected to provision or promotion of CSOs social services.
2. 13-25 CSOs, that will receive financial support through sub-grants 4,000 – 8,000 € and mentorship support from fAKT advisors and staff members.
3. 300 CSOs will acquire basic knowledge on organizational development by receiving CSOs Handbook.

Project justification:
This Project would also have indirect and long-term impact on many stakeholders:
1. Vulnerable groups in Montenegro, as beneficiaries of CSOs social services. 2. Local authorities throughout Montenegro being able to engage themselves in partnership with CSOs that provides social services. 3. National authorities and ministries and other stakeholders will benefit from increased CSOs capacities to provide social services. 4. Citizens of Montenegro whose support for the role of CSOs in provision of social services accelerate the process of bringing respective political decisions on inclusion of CSOs in social welfare system.


For more information please consult the following sites:
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